Accident Claims Procedure

The procedure for your accident claim is as follow:

(A) Fill in the online accident claims application form found here. For road traffic accident claims download the claim form and email it to us at:

(B) Your accident claim will then be passed to our specialist personal injury solicitor who will assess the circumstances of your accident claim.

(C) The personal injury solicitor will call you to get more detail on the circumstances of the accident and of your injuries and begin the procedure of claiming compensation for loss of earnings, car hire and your accident injuries.

(D) Liasing with your insurance company and the other parties insurance company they will establish fault and assess the damage to your vehicle if necessary by sending out an independant engineer.

(E) If you sustained any injuries during your accident you will be sent to udergo and independent medical to determine the extent of your injuries and the expected rehabilitation time.

(F) Once the other insurance company has received this information they will make an offer of compensation which we will discuss with you. If you are happy with the compensation offered we will instruct your personal injury solicitor to accept the offer else we will instruct them to renegotiate with the other parties insurance company.

(G) When the compensation award has been issued we will forward the cheque to yourself.

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100% Payout

We guarantee that you will receive 100% of your compensation. We claim all our costs from the other party involved and will ensure your case is fully insured.